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Whitetail Testimonials

Joe Watson
This testimony that I write about Hickory Hill Hunts is so much more than going on a Northeast Missouri deer hunt for the oppertunity to harvest a big mature Whitetail deer. Of course that was the first reason why I started going in 2005. I'll never forget the first time I pulled in and Brad and his family was there to greet me and my hunting buddies. It was awesome because after introducing and getting introduced to each other, brad went straight to camp and pulled out aerial photos and if your like me the only thing on my mind after leaving my family in Georgia was getting in that deer stand. We looked at the plats and cuddie back pics and we made a plan. I'm the type of guy that likes to set up my own stand but it seemed as if the places I wanted to hunt. Brad (owner) had already had 18 ft ladder stands set up in place. I've been hunting for 20 years and have been blessed to harvest some big mature whitetails. I've been to Indiana Illinois Ohio and Kentucky but after my 2006 Missouri deer hunting experience with hickory hill hunts I can't go any where else because of the fellowship and most of all the giant whitetail deer that his property produces it is amazing. I also want you to know that I have not been successful every year but out of the last 5 years I have had multiple oppertunities of harvesting big whitetail and when I say big I mean 150's and up. But as a bow hunter you all know that, it's not as easy as they make it look on Tv. My best experience at hickory hills is brad and his family since day one has treated me just like family. We even see each other throughout the year even when deer and turkey seasons are not in. All I'm asking and trying to say is go checkout this outfitter, they will not disappoint you. It's the trip I count down to every year.
Ned George
Having been fortunate enough to hunt whitetail deer in states and provinces such as Maine, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Anticosti Island Quebec, Canada...Last November I traveled to Missouri with my son and our friends to hunt deer with Hickory Hill Hunts in Arbela, Missouri. Owner Brad Wittstock and family welcomed our hunting party with clean and comfortable lodging, excellent food and a great place to deer hunt. Of all the area we've hunted in the past, Hickory Hills ranks #1 for hospitality, deer sightings and game taken. I would truly recommend this Missouri outfitter for your next whitetail deer hunt.
Logan Heald
I was 16 years old when I won my free whitetail deer hunt in Missouri. Brad and his family really know what they are doing I saw countless deer including numerous shooter bucks. I can't wait to go back I can be reached at 782-9921, my email is
Kevin George
Hello my name is Kevin George i first hunted deer at hickory hill in 2010 it was a last minute trip so i didn't know what to expect. I have been on many hunting trips before but always researched before going but this time i went on a friends request to join him. when we arrived we were greeted by Brad and his family . We were made to feel right at home as soon as we arrived . The hunting lodge was clean and comfortable and meals were very good . Carl was our guide on our Missouri deer hunting trip that first year and i really got to know him in those few days he was and is a great guy . we harvested one buck in our group but we all saw a good amount of deer and were very happy so much that before i left i told Brad and Carl i was coming back to hunt deer in 2011 and i wanted my dad to join me since he is the one that started me in the sport of hunting. My dad and some friends did join me in the 2011 season and it was awesome. We did very well harvesting four nice buck with my dad getting a deer of a lifetime. I cant say enough about Brad and Carl and everyone at hickory hill they mean a great deal to me and i am very grateful i have had the chance to hunt with them and become friends with them . Everything about hickory hills is top notch the property the lodging the quality of deer and most of all the people and yes i have already booked for 2012 counting the days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 570-212-2707
Tom Bryan - Scranton, PA
For the past six years I have been traveling from Pennsylvania to Northeast Missouri to hunt trophy Whitetail deer at Hickory Hill Hunts. The owner, Brad Wittstock, and his family make the experience comfortable and enjoyable. They offer every amenity from a delicious home cooked meal every night, to relaxed and happy lodging. Not only are they hospital hosts of a great hunting outfit, but became great friends as well. It is always an incredible experience with phenomenal whitetail deer hunts. At Hickory Hill the only thing more fun than the nights around the fire is getting a shot at the biggest buck of your life.
Larry S. Shifflet
Great family, great fun, and most importantly a great Missouri deer hunt at an affordable price. Brad and his family make you feel like one of their family. During our Missouri deer hunt in 2010, my dad had an opportunity to harvest a once in a lifetime buck. As we retrieved the buck, I was thrilled to not only share this special moment with my Dad, but with Brad, Carl, and Derrick as well. A true family affair. Thanks for a great deer hunt and we look forward to many, many more!! 717-576-5084
Larry S. Shifflet - Elizabethtown, PA
Brad: Just wanted to take a minute now that hunting season is over to extend my gratitude to you and your family for yet another great Missouri deer hunting trip. It was never more evident than this past trip (November 5-12, 2010) that you and your son Carl treat my Dad and I as one of the family. I am forever great full for Carls can-do attitude and willingness to do whatever it took to help my Dad and I find his buck. This whitetail deer is now the biggest buck he has taken with his bow. It is very obvious that the strong family ties and commitment to ensuring a safe and memorable deer hunt have been passed down throughout your entire family. It is extremely refreshing to see a young man with the commitment and work ethic that Carl puts forth to make each of us feel like we are part of the family. My Dad and I look forward to seeing you and Carl next fall and hopefully writing another chapter in our deer hunting adventures.
Pete Kostopoulos
I have been whitetail deer hunting with brad at hickory hill hunts since the spring of 2003. That trip started a lifetime freindship between myself and brads family. I personally have brought over 10 freinds and family members since. Best deer hunting in the midwest. HANDS DOWN. Every spring I always harvest 2 turkeys . I also have bow hunted with brad in the fall 3 years now. Always saw good bucks and lucky enough to harvest a 155" 10 point in the 2008 season. For a good Missouri deer hunting trip at a great price look no further. You will feel like his family when you leave ....most likely with a trophy...and a lot of memories to be replayed for the ride home.
Pat Needle & Family
Brad, Just wanted to take time to thank you and your family for the great week of hunting during muzzle loader season, you should take pride in your set up. The food and lodging was great your son Carl went far beyond what was expected to get us on to deer. What a hunting trip, I saw my son shoot his biggest whitetail deer yet and my grandson shoot his first deer. I am including my e-mail and cell number if anyone wants to contact me about your set I would be more than glad to tell them straight up about your family. Best of all the guys from New York State left Missouri with down to earth,straight forward friends looking forward to seeing you at the Buffalo outdoor show.
Ray Needle
Hey Brad, Hope all is well. Im writing this for anyone interested in hunting whitetail deer at Hickory Hill Hunts. Brad and his family is the best place I have ever hunted deer. I shot my best buck to date at Brads place. He was a giant 8. That was not the icing on the cake. My eleven year old son killed his first deer. My son killed the deer with a muzzleloader which was awesome. Brad and his Son went out of his way to make sure he got his deer. The whole week was great. We saw deer every hunt and the bucks are giants. I heard turkeys every a.m. and saw plenty of birds. I lease property in Ohio,hunted Indiana and Texas. Brads is by far the best. You want to go on a hunt and feel at home? Go hunt whitetail in Missouri with Brad at Hickory Hill Hunts. My kid asks to go back once a week and I am counting the days to next year. Feel free to call or email any questions, 716-341-1856 or
Jay Korte
Brad and his family made my hunt feel like i was hunting back home in buffalo. they made u feel like u r part of the family the property the own is very beautiful and relaxing. i would recomend going too hickory hill hunts 2 any one not 2 go hunting but to take a vacation. this was my 1st hunt ever. i loved it so much i booked another week in october of 2012. there were so many deer there i didnt know which one 2 take but now i know what 2 expect when october comes. ya i dint get one last time but it was awesome 2 see so many deer and also the turkey. what an awesome experience i had. iwill be talking about this my whole life
Dan Jennings - Moosic, PA
I've been Missouri deer hunting with Hickory Hills since the beginning and I'm not planning on missing a year till the end. Brad has treated our gang like family since day one. The laughs and stories get bigger and better like the deer. I have taken four Pope&Young deer and one Boone&Crocket and saw, missed and passed up many others. its just a place togo to forget about all the other nonsense in the world and do two things hunt whitetail deer and have fun. our group usually averages about 75-80 shot opportunity and usually ends up coming home with about 40-50 sucsess. But it is hunting and they arent in a cage so anything is possible. One thing is for sure as long as i can find a week in the fall to hunt i will always be a hickory Hills hunter. Thanks again to Brad and the Family for always making feel welcome. and anybody with any questions or concerns about Hickory Hills can call me at (570)499-0986
Jason Edwards, MD - Ocean Pines
I have had the good fortune to be in the hunting and fishing industry for all of my adult life. I have worked as a guide and outfitter as well as working for some of the countys largest outdoor retailers. Through this experience, I have been lucky enough to spend time in the woods, around a campfire or sharing a camp with some wonderful people. However, in all those years, there are a few folks that stand out head and shoulders above the rest. One of these people is Brad Whitstock of Hickory Hill Hunts in Arbela Missouri. Brad and I met at a very small sport show in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. This show had all the makings of being a failure. It was a small show in an armory, it was piggy backed by larger shows in the state and to top it off, we got snowed in for almost two days with one of PAs largest storms in history. Two amazing things came from that show; we all had one of the best booking events that we ever experienced. This was probably due to the fact that we got some really good one on one time with the few people that did make it out. Secondly, I came away with what would turn into a lifelong friendship with Brad and his family.
Don Tutuska - West Seneca, NY
I have hunted at Hickory Hills for 6 years and I believe it is probably the most economical way to have a chance at getting a true trophy whitetail deer. Every time I have been there I have seen trophy deer taken and if you do everything right you will see deer and big ones during your hunt. The Whitstock family will do everything they can to make your time there enjoyable and successful. You cannot find a better deer hunt for the money or a better location.
Brad J. Homlotis
I met Brad at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh. North Carolina. After speaking with several deer outfitters I knew that my wife and I would spend our second honeymoon with Brad and Family at Hickory Hill Hunts. Our Missouri whitetail deer hunt was scheduled for the 3rd week of November during the pre-rut. During the week I saw 3 or 4 shooter bucks(over 130 inches) and at least 3 or 4 more just under 130 inches. I had a 150 class buck at 6 yards, but didn't get a shot. There was plenty of deer and turkey to keep you wide-eyed, never a dull moment during your hunt. Even at 7 months pregnant my wife felt safe and comfortable in Brad's treestands. Brad arranged for a private place to stay for our honeymoon and the home cooked meals were wonderful. Overall, it was a great time. My wife enjoyed being there and she doesn't hunt(just a nature watcher). I would visit Hickory Hill Hunts every year if I could. I've recommended the place to all of my friends and look forward to returning someday.
Logan Heald
I was 16 years old when I won my free Missouri deer hunting trip. Brad and his family really know what they are doing I saw countless deer including numerous shooter bucks. I can't wait to go back I can be reached at 782-9921, my email is
Brian Pangburn - Colonie, NY
After 8 different outfitters in 4 different states I have finally found my home away from home. Brad and his family treat you like family and they went above and beyond to try to get our group on some good deer. I saw 4 different shooters and had pictures of several others and I harvested my best buck ever and that was during the pre-rut. I cant wait for my first rut hunt there! Thank you to everyone at Hickory Hill Hunts.
Ron Wood
I have had the unique privilege to hunt with Hickory Hill Hunts the past two years. Having hunted in numerous other places, I was looking for a great hunt, good accomodations and pleasing environment. Brad, his family, and crew have lived up to all my expectations. Comfortable living, great food, excellent camp and dedicated service have encouraged me to take both friends and family for hunts at Hickory Hill. Looking forward to many more opportunities to spend time in the woods and at camp with Brad and his staff.
Michael Rattacasa - Hamilton, NJ
Whitetail Deer Hunting has always been my passion. I, like many others, have dedicated countless hours in the deer woods in search of the opportunity to harvest trophy class whitetails. As hunters, we are often blinded by the hunt, the kill and the trophy. While I decided to hunt in Missouri to attain self-fulfillment and harvest a trophy animal, Hickory Hill and the Wittstock family provided me with the opportunity to look at deer hunting from a selfless perspective and find reverence. Hickory Hill has the terrain to grow large whitetails as well as the dedicated staff to locate and provide their hunters with opportunities to harvest these animals; however, most importantly, Hickory Hill has the mindset and passion to treat each of their clients like family. The Wittstock family and Hickory Hill employees have provided me with the opportunity to feel welcome and to find peace within myself. I was blessed to have killed a 170” Class Deer with my bow; however, I feel that the real blessing was to have been able to meet the individuals at Hickory Hill and to form friendships that will last far longer than any mount on my wall. Hickory Hill is my home away from home and I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to be a part of their family.
Scott Landreau
I just want to drop you a note and tell you I really appreciate the experience I had with your outfit last week. You and your family do a great job of making people feel welcome and you do your best to put them in position to take a good buck. Its obvious that you guys put a lot of work into doing what you do. Carl did a great job of putting me in position to take a nice deer even though I failed him at crunch time. If you talk to him at all you can see his passion for what he does. Your wife provided wonderful meals each night when we returned from the hunts. You were there each morning and evening to see everyone off and when they returned and were readily available if we needed anything. I really liked the atmosphere at Hickory Hills. I saw 53 deer in 5 days so no complaints there either. I would tell anyone to give Hickory Hills a try.
Tim Harding - Scranton, PA
Wanted to put into writing for other interested hunters what my experience at Hickory Hills Hunts was like for the 2017 early archery season hunt. The first question every archery hunter has when considering locking in with an outfitter is...Do I have a good l chance at seeing and harvesting a good buck? The answer at Hickory Hills is a resounding YES! At age 54 with an adult lifetime of successful archery hunting in Pennsylvania's woods did find myself in Brad Wittstock and family's good care for a shot at a bigger buck. Brad met me upon arrival at camp, allowed me some time to settle into the camp lodge and then took me for a tour showing me where exactly I would be hunting and provided me with an ariel map of the topography which included best entry points to the land, border markers and stand locations. Very helpful! I was fortunate enough to have a 10 point (1 broken tine) buck walk past my stand on the last morning of my hunt and made an ethical shot on him. The buck bolted for approx. 50 yards where he fell and Brad, his son Carl and myself were able to retrieve him. Brad and Carl did all of heavy lifting and took multiple pictures of me and my trophy. Afterward Carl provided me with some beautiful digital trail cam pictures of my buck while in the velvet and after. What a bonus! Another gent. in camp who I quickly struck up a friendship with also harvested a great 12 point buck same day. I saw deer 4 of the 5 days while in stand. Did see three other bucks that I passed on to allow them to get a bit more age. I had gobblers come by my stand every day and had a close encounter with a beautiful coyote. Very much enjoyed all of the other wildlife while on stand which included a significant population of owls, hawks, variety of woodpeckers, other song birds and squirrels. What you can expect from the Wittsock family at Hickory Hill Hunts:

Opportunity to harvest a buck of a lifetime.

Strategically placed elevated hunting stands that are some of the best I've ever sat in for archery hunting. Most stands are 18". Not a squeak or shifting of anykind. Just the best!

Trails to stands are well flagged with reflective florescent flags for ease of navigation in the dark with flashlight.

Hunting adjacent to agricultural fields. Deer magnets.

Washer and dryer provided with scent free detergent and dryer sheets. Very important for we archery hunters.

Comfortable lodging with home cooked dinners hot and ready for you self serve when you arrive back to camp from your evening hunt. Food was excellent!

Breakfast and lunch food stocked in the kitchen. Help yourself...plenty of it.

Deer processing available or I did, you may choose to quarter out your own deer and place on ice. Great hoist and gambrel set up for multiple deer.

Taxidermy services at the ready if you choose.

Most importantly a family who is dedicated to your personal satisfaction as a hunter and a guest.

Thank you Brad and family for one of my most memorable hunts of my life!

Dan: 570-499-0986
Kevin: 570-212-2707
Keith: 601-549-3103
Ron: 423-593-4124
Sam: 716-695-5042
Keith: 518-810-9702
Tony: 570-351-7701
Keith: 601-735-6770
If you are interested in hunting the golden triangle of Missouri I would look no further. The Whitstocks run a family friendly operation. Brad has spent years developing relationships with his land owners and now boasts some of the best deer hunting property in the Mid West. The accommodations are homey and clean. The hunting guides spend all year scouting and managing food plots. Brad is vigilante in checking trail cam pictures and monitoring deer movement. If you go to hunt Hickory Hills, you can rest assured that the crew there has done their homework and will give you 150% effort during your stay.

P.S. On your way, stop and get a pair or two of pants that are one size big because you will need them after spending several days eating some of the best home cooked Missouri food you will ever stick a fork in.